Natalie and Nathaneal

Nat², as they are better known by, also have quite the story. Nathaneal is my dad's cousin (that makes him my first cousin, once removed?). And Natalie is the daughter of one of my dad's best friends growing up. So I got to know her as I often saw her when visiting grandparents in the same area. They knew each other before Natalie left on her mission, but never "officially" dated, as Nathaneal had just returned from his mission in Italy, while Natalie was preparing to serve her mission in Nashville, Tennessee. They wrote a little while she was away, but when she returned, things fell into place. They dated for some time before they got engaged, and that brings us to now where they are happily married and living in central Alberta. If you know these two, you know they're going to have quite the fun time together. I'm so happy they found each other, and grateful they had me be part of their special day.