Emma and Denny's Wedding

This beautiful wedding was the first wedding this fall season and wow, was it a great one. It was perfect from start to finish. Denny’s suit was incredible and Emma looked amazing in her gorgeous dress. The look of joy on their faces when they walked out of the temple was a reminder of why I do what I do. The kids couldn’t help but run up and hug them — it was the cutest thing. Also, the spaghetti dinner was delicious! Soon after, we were entertained by many stories of the bridge and groom, as well as tons of musical talent, from the siblings of Emma and denny, to David Archuleta himself! It was incredible and full of happiness. Their reception was in a decorated backyard, and again we were pleasured with more musical talent from a local family orchestra. After dessert and fun, they left with a hall of their loved ones cheering and blowing bubbles. It is a day they will remember forever.